Terms & Conditions

PartyCrasherTshirts.com Submission Legal Terms & Conditions
Last Revised July 4, 2010

By selecting "I Agree" and in consideration of PartyCrasherTshirts.com evaluating your idea for its possible use, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The submission of ideas to PartyCrasherTshirts.com creates no obligation on either party to enter into any further business transaction whatsoever.
  2. As the submitter, you affirm that the idea you submitted is original to the best of your knowledge, and that you are the exclusive copyright holder.  You acknowledge that it has not been previously published, and does not contain any trademarks, logos, copyrighted material, or any other intellectual property belonging to any third party.
  3. Submitter agrees that any and all t-shirt ideas, once sold, become the intellectual property of PartyCrasherTshirts.com.
  4. All submissions that are not purchased by PartyCrasherTshirts.com remain the property of the submitter.
  5. If your Slogan is selected, you will receive: $150 cash and one free t-shirt of your choice from PartyCrasherTshirts.com.  PartyCrasherTshirts.com reserves the right to change these payment terms at any time, by posting them on the PartyCrasherTshirts.com website, and changes will be effective upon posting.
  6. Payment will be based on the terms in effect when your Slogan is selected. You alone will be responsible for the payment of any tax liabilities related to you receiving payment from PartyCrasherTshirts.com. Payment will be made within thirty (30) days after notification by PartyCrasherTshirts.com.   
  7. The submitter recognizes that while they have submitted in good faith what is an original idea, the fact remains that there are situations where the same idea may have also been conceived and submitted independently by another individual.  In the case where PartyCrasherTshirts.com receives the same submission from multiple sources, we reserve the right to pay the party we determine to be the first to submit it.
  8. The decisions of PartyCrasherTshirts.com are final and binding.